What does “hodl” mean?

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1 min readSep 25, 2022


Have you heard the term “Hodl”?

“Hodl” is a strategy for working with cryptocurrencies. In this case, tokens / coins are purchased for long-term storage in the expectation that in the long term the value of the asset will increase.

The term has been used by the crypto community since 2013 after a forum participant bitcointalk.org created a theme called “I am hodling”. The author made a mistake in the title of the topic. He meant the usual word “hold”.

Now this term defines the strategy of storing a coin, despite the ups and downs of its value. Later, the phrase “Hold On for Dear Life” was coined.

There is also an unofficial ranking of holders:
• Shrimp — less than 1 BTC;
• Crab — 1–10 BTC;
• Octopus — 10–50 BTC;
• Fish — 50–100 BTC;
• Dolphin — 100–500 BTC;
• Shark — 500 1000 BTC;
• Whale — 1000–5000 BTC;
• Humpback Whale — more than 5000 BTC.

Do you hodl your crypto assets?



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