Blockchain addresses

Unique identifiers showing the storage location of crypto assets in the blockchain are called Addresses.

The addresses used in the transaction as a recipient or sender in the previous 24 hours is called Active Addresses.

The user just needs to have an address in the blockchain
instead of a bank account number, email address or other forms of identification to send and receive crypto assets via the blockchain.

Metrics that evaluate the content and activity level of addresses are often used to determine changes in the moods of market participants, “whales” (large investors) in particular.

If you put together all the data on addresses and wallets that are available, it can give valuable information about the distribution of crypto assets. 🤔

📌So, the number of active addresses in different blockchains per week are:
✔️BNBchain 2.94 million.
✔️Ethereum 1.89 million
✔️Polygon 808 thousand.
✔️Ronin 264 thousand.
✔️Avalanche 126 thousand.
✔️Arbitrum 106 thousand.
✔️Fantom 78 thousand.
✔️Celo 58 thousand
✔️Optimism 31 thousand.

According to this active addresses’ indicator, the Polygon side chain, in that the Grand v2 token smart contract was created, is in 3rd place.



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