Top NFT Collections

The NFT market is rapidly developing, and the cherished tokens are sold for a huge amount of money, especially if they are part of collections🙌🏻

The following NFT collections are currently in the top👇🏻

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club
• Launch date: 23.04.2021
•Current minimum price: 106 ETH
•Trading volume: 552,417.86 ETH
2. CryptoPunks
•Launch date: 23.06.2017
•Current minimum price: 60.95 ETH
•Trading volume: 901,907.77 ETH
3. Moonbirds
•Launch date: 16.04.2022
•Current minimum price: 26.45 ETH
•Trading volume: 130,756.69 ETH
4. Doodles
•Launch date: 16.10.2021
•Current minimum price: 22.92 ETH
•Trading volume: 119,669.47 ETH
5. CloneX
•Launch date: 27.11.2021
•Current minimum price: 17 ETH
•Trading volume: 190,638.87 ETH

Which of these collections have you heard about most often this year?



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