The results of the 1st half of 2022 look deplorable for investors. But the period of a bearish trend is a great time to explore new promising crypto projects.

The results of the first half of 2022 for investors are as follows:

Apple: -23%
Microsoft: -24%
Alphabet: -25%
Amazon: -35%
Tesla: -35%
Zoom: -40%
Airbnb: -45%
Pinterest: -49%
Nvidia: -50%
Uber: -50%
Meta: -53%
BTC: -60%
PayPal: -62%
Etsy: -64%
Netflix: -70%
Snap: -72%
ETH: -73%
Shopify: -74%
Coinbase: -80%
And it’s really painful 😢

However, most investors do not panic, and this fact can serve as a shock absorber for the market in terms of cleaning it up of unnecessary projects, modernizing and introducing innovations.

And this bearish trend time is excellent for studying new promising crypto projects. Investing in these projects at an early stage can yield great profits in the future.



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