🔥 Phase 20 Is Now Live! 🔥

We have successfully completed PHASE 19 of our Grand Token Sale and we would like to thank all of our community members for their continued support!

Here at Grand Time, our team has been working diligently at creating the most diverse crypto ecosystem with a focus on ease-of-use and practical applications. As you may know, our developers have also been working day and night to bring the Grand Time App to life. We anticipate that our app will be user-ready and released in Q3 of 2022 as stated in our Grand Time Road Map.

Now that we have activated PHASE 20 of our Launchpad, we now have a total of 1.9 Million Grand Tokens that can be purchased through this phase. This now brings our total Grand Token price to $0.0028 per 1 GRAND Token.

Remember that after every phase is completed the price of the GRAND token will increase by $0.0001 USD until phase 102 and by $0.001 USD until it reaches phase 201! There is still plenty of opportunities to get a bargain for our Token and leverage your position. With our rapid user growth and project recognition, we forecast each phase to be completed faster than ever!

Our next milestone of activating PHASE 021 will be coming soon bringing the Grand Time price to $0.0029 Per 1 Grand Token.

Once again we’d like to thank all of our members for their continued support and we are excited for what this GRAND journey will bring. We are barely touching the surface and there is a lot more exciting news to come!

See you on the next update!

📌 Buy Grand Tokens: https://grandtime.org/ico/

💰 Refer Grand Time Token and earn 20% in ETH from every referral investment: https://grandtime.org/ico/#affiliate

💡 Check Grand Time Website & Road Map: https://grandtime.org

💬 Discuss the project and meet like-minded people in our Grand Time Telegram Chat: https://t.me/grandtimechateng



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