Passive income through blockchain technologies

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2 min readJul 31, 2022


There are four ways for blockchain technology enthusiasts to earn passive income.

Blockchain technology is one of the innovations of the 21st century and makes it possible to receive passive income in the following ways:

1. Monetization of NFT collectibles.
NFTs have become the most popular crypto assets in 2021. Their total sales for the year amounted to $ 23 billion. Despite the continuing decline in the market, they continue to gain popularity.

2. Performing simple tasks in Web 3.0 ecosystems. In
addition to the widely advertised “Play to Earn” (p2e) ecosystem, Web 3.0 introduced decentralized platforms such as Grand Time. This platform has the function of social mining and GIG-tasks, during which participants are rewarded in their own GRAND token for performing simple actions in social networks (likes of posts, project promotion and writing comments).

3. Tips on social networks.
Facebook Instagramming Hub estimates that the industry of Internet influencers in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is estimated at about $104 billion. Thanks to blockchain technology, influencers have the opportunity to increase their income using Web 3.0 platforms.

4. DeFi lending.
As for blockchain innovation, DeFi is one of the most dynamic niches, with over $106 billion currently involved in various protocols.

Which option of passive earnings is more suitable for you?



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