MTS’s Metaverse

Grand Time
Feb 1, 2023

Russian mobile operator MTS plans to create a metaverse where customers can receive a wide range of services.

MTS plans to invest more than 7 billion rubles ($100 million) in the development of its own metaverse.

This is what “Kommersant” writes, citing representatives of the telecom operator.

With the metaverse, the company intends to provide its physical customers and companies with services such as changing tariff plans or subscribing to online cinemas.

The development of the metaverse will be offered to startups that have performed well in the 5G incubation.

The pilot launch of the virtual reality project is planned for 2023.

The technical details of MTS’s metaverse are being kept under wraps, but the company’s representatives promise support for virtual and augmented reality helmets.

What do you think the MTS universe has a chance of becoming popular?



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