Grand Tree Planting

“By protecting nature, we first of all protect ourselves, our children and grandchildren.”
J. I. Cousteau

You can start to do that right now, joining the green campaign GRAND TREE PLANTING.

Even one planting tree is already an invaluable contribution to the global ecology.

The project plans to plant 10 million trees to improve the ecosystem of our planet.

Do you want to become a part of ECO GROUP?

👇🏻 The conditions for participation are as simple as possible:

-plant a tree

-take a photo or video of yourself and a tree with the printed GRAND TIME logo.

-Add the following hashtags:
#Grandtime_ecology #eco_grand

-Post your tree planting project 🌳 on Instagram

-get 3,000 Grand tokens for your actions 🪙

You can also take care of your tree to prepare it for auction in our Grandtime NFT market!

Every contribution you make to the environment today will come back to you and your children in the future!

Grand Time English Community

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