🔥Grand Token Sale Has Just Resumed


🚀Our Launchpad has resumed at the PHASE 18! Our team is thrilled to be able to offer the amazing GRAND Token sale through the Grand Time Launchpad. We always strive to be a community-driven crypto platform that puts the spotlight on our users first. Without members like you, Cryptocurrency as a whole would be able to make the amazing pace forward with innovation and growth as it has today.

We anticipate the initial phases of our launchpad will sell out quickly so be sure to take your stake in the GRAND project by purchasing your first Tokens at the lowest price offered during these phases! When you sign in to your account, you will also be able to see the progress of the token sale with the current phase and price the Launchpad is in. All transactions will also be visible and trackable via the polygon network.


Purchasing tokens is simple and we have made the process even easier with different payment methods to choose from. Simply log in to your account https://app.grandtime.org . Your dashboard will show the current launchpad sale and you can select a payment method that you want to use. Currently, we have the following options available to use:

🔹Buy with any cryptocurrency: We have partnered with Coinpayments and can now accept payments in any crypto available through Coinpayments including ETH, BTC, BNB, SOL, USDT, USDC, BUSD, and much more in different networks.

🔹Buy with Direct Matic Coin deposit: You can send Matic Coin in Polygon network directly to our smart contract and it will send you back automatically your purchased Grand tokens, according to the current token price and launchpad phase.

🔹Buy with Debit/Credit Card: Through our partnership with Mercuryo payment provider, you’ll be able to purchase GRAND Tokens using a debit or credit card which will provide you with an easy and flexible way of our joining the Grand Time community and get in on our Launchpad!


👉 WALLET: Please ensure that you have connected an ERC20 compatible wallet address to your account. This will be the wallet where your purchased GRAND tokens will be deposited. Our transactions will occur under the Ethereum Network so we will only be able to accept ERC20 Wallets. Connecting non-ethereum wallets that don’t support ERC-20 tokens, may result in loss of purchased tokens.

👉 KYC: If prompted to verify your identity with our KYC procedure, please make sure that you complete the KYC procedure as promptly as possible. KYC process usually takes 1–2 minutes and once passed, you will be forwarded to the payment screen where you can continue with your Token purchase.

📌 Buy Grand Tokens: https://grandtime.org/ico/

💰 Refer Grand Time Token and earn 20% in ETH from every referral investment: https://grandtime.org/ico/#affiliate

💡 Check Grand Time Website & Road Map: https://grandtime.org

💬 Discuss the project and meet like-minded people in our Grand Time Telegram Chat: https://t.me/grandtimechateng



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