✅Grand Token Migration To Polygon Has Been Completed

Grand Time
2 min readMar 6, 2022


Dear Grand Time Community,

We are happy to announce that Grand Token migration to Polygon network has been completed. Thank you so much for your support and patience 🎊

The new contract address is: 0xC41214fC9f2bD9705e7A271409471161aa0e8808

Please add it as a custom token to your wallet in POLYGON network, in order to see and track the new Grand Token V2.

Read the article to discover the Grand Token Fork advantages and check if you will be required to perform any action regarding the incoming token swap: https://grand-time.medium.com/grand-token-fork-check-the-details-36fdc10d89dd

Please also note that Grand Token Holders do not need to swap their tokens manually.

All Grand Tokens V1 earned or purchased on the Grand Time Launchpad before December 14, 2021 will be swapped to the Grand Token V2 in 1:1 ratio and automatically deposited in Polygon Network to the same withdrawals wallets in coming days.

All Grand Tokens V1 purchased on Uniswap between December 12 & December 14 (5pm UTC time) will be deposited to Grand Time accounts of each buyer.

All Grand tokens that will be purchased on the Grand Time Launchpad after the resume of the token sale, will be already Grand Token V2 on the Polygon network.

Grand Token Sale will be resumed in the coming days.

All Grand Time community members will be notified about the resume of the Grand Token sale by email and on project social media channels. Stay tuned and subscribe to our social media channels to be the first to know about the latest project updates.

For more information, please contact our support on the Grand Time Platform or Telegram Official Channel: https://t.me/GRANDTIMECHATENG

🚀 Buy Grand Tokens: https://grandtime.org/tokensale

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💡 Check Grand Time Website & Road Map: https://grandtime.org



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