Grand Time plants trees

Grand Time is a decentralized crowdsourcing marketplace where companies or people from developed countries can connect with people from emerging markets who are seeking income.

Nowadays, environmental problems are becoming more acute, and our project has decided to introduce a new version of the task, which will make a positive contribution to the preservation of the world ecology.

👉🏻Now any person or company has the opportunity to send a request to plant one or more trees in Africa. 🌳
A personalized video will be sent to the specified person or company as proof of completion of the task.

You will also receive a free personalized NFT token of the tree that was planted on your behalf.

The cost of placing an order for planting 1 tree is 10 US dollars.

Our project has set such a low price for this task in order for as many people as possible to contribute to the improvement of this world.

70% of each contribution goes to the purchase of trees, as well as to pay for the work of the people who plant them.
10% go to a charity chosen by Grand Time users.
The rest (20%) goes for the team and project operation.

If you want to take part in improving our world, just fill out the form.

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