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2 min readMay 10, 2022


Imagine that you can comment, like, post, do all other regular social stuff, and get paid for it.

It’s not a fantasy, it’s called Grand Social Mining.

Grand Social Mining allows users to perform social media tasks or other x-to work tasks, generated by our platform or refer new people to the Grand Time network, and earn Grand token rewards for that.

The ratio is: the number of rewards to the number of social mining actions users

has taken and new partners they have referred. So the more users and

network value you bring to the platform, the more Grand rewards you will earn. The transactions go through the Polygon Network.

Grand Social Mining distribution process

  • up to 70% of the total daily grand supply available for users for mining through the grand social mining platform
  • up to 30% is used for project operations, team, development, marketing, and charity

All unmined tokens from Grand Social Mining are burned daily. Also, unused and unearned

tokens from the 30% are burned as well.

When the mining period ends, Grand tokens that were not burned before are mined and distributed.

Tokens are the source of building and governing the Grand Network. This model awards early adoption of the Grand token, as Grand mining rewards are reduced exponentially.

Network grows because of bigger Grand mining rewards. The more users appear, the bigger the network becomes.

Polygon Network provides safety for all the mining transactions and becomes the basis of

the whole ecosystem.

The Grand Social Mining distribution illustration

Over one week, User1 completed 500 social mining tasks generated by the platform and

left 100 comments & likes on social media to promote Grand Time Project. User2

completed 200 social mining tasks generated by the platform and distributed 50 new

comments & likes on his network. User3 did nothing.

Using our Grand mining algorithm, User1 will have mined 5,100 Grands, User2 will have 2,050 Grands, and User3 will have 0 Grands.

Grand Social Mining allows you to take advantage of every second you spend on social media. Enjoy!

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