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2 min readMay 20, 2022


The Grand NFT Marketplace is about to become the most innovative NFT platform globally thanks to the benefits it brings. This platform will be the first NFT marketplace backed by time itself!

One of the main advantages of the Grand NFT Marketplace is that its members are free to trade, mint, and exchange 3 different types of Non-Fungible Tokens:

  • Decentralized Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Time
  • Social Mining NFTs
  • Personal NFTs

The main types of NFTs presented on the Grand NFT Marketplace

1. NFTs Representing the Decentralized Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Time

These daily produced tokens represent the date and time when they were minted. The everyday auctions are regular, they take place after the NFTs are issued. 10 unique Grand NFTs will be created and auctioned every day.

All the auctioned Grand Tokens earned will be burned as a deflationary mechanism. This scheme will be useful for all Grand Token holders and help to increase the value

of the Grand Time ecosystem as a whole.

2. Social Mining NFTs

The NFT Social Mining project is the best way to prove that blockchain technology can

be very useful for our planet. The mission of Grand time NFT Social Mining is to plant 10 Million trees.

All the members of the Grand Time community will plant a tree. They will also take care of it for at least a year.

In a year, each member of the community documents the state of the tree, its growth and well-being. After that, the platform will mint a completely unique NFT that represents this unique tree and location. The NFT Social Mining project allows trading of this NFT on the Grand Time NFT Marketplace.

3. Personal NFTs

The Grand Time NFT Marketplace is a place where you can create personal, fully customizable NFTs of anything you can think of! Take some Grand Tokens and use them to pay for the minting process. All personal NFTs created and minted on our platform will be eligible for being sold at the Grand Time NFT Marketplace.

Thus, our team makes the process of minting very comfortable, so anyone can get their first NFTs.

And the Grand Time NFT Marketplace will incentivize ecological projects to save the global ecosystem!

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