“Everything will be tokenized”
Raul Pal

Grand Time
Nov 13, 2022


“Everything will be tokenized, and NFT, fungible tokens and blockchains (and who knows what will be there yet to come) will manage it,” said macro investor and ex-Goldman Sachs top manager, Raul Pal.

Tokenization of payment systems, business, time, art objects is our reality. 🙌🏻
Today we see and know what seemed to us fantastic a couple of years ago.

What awaits us in the future?
What technologies will be developed?
How will humanity use them?
Time will show all this.

But we can be sure that the development of cryptocurrencies is only gaining momentum. 💪🏻

According to experts, cryptocurrency will take its place in many areas of our life in the near future. 💯

What do you think about this?



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