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1 min readJan 31, 2023

Hello everyone!

Here’s an update for the week:

The platform test version is available for the Ambassador marketplace. There are 20 companies that are already on the wait list demanding for its services.

Two incubators are joining the Ambassador Marketplace and will offer these services to start-ups in their incubation process.

An incubator/funds company is interested in investing in Grand Time to aid its growth. Once the deal is struck, in future they will be invited to our live stream to share their opinion on our project, their investments and generally on the market.

Grand Time is seeking investors who care about the future of the business and aim for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Listing is still a frequently asked question, but it is not currently recommended due to predictions of a possible market downturn.

The community has seen growth recently due to Grand Time’s marketing efforts, and it is expected to see more growth and engagement when the Ambassador Program becomes fully active.

Rafael will also participate in the “Grand Time Stories” contest, sharing his personal journey story in a video with the community.

That concludes our update for now.
Join us again next week for more updates.



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