Cryptocurrencies have updated their local lows

This week, the leading cryptocurrencies have updated their local lows since June.

On Thursday, September 22, the quotes dropped: BTC to $18,125, ETH to $1,220.

The meeting of the US Federal Reserve System on September 21 was the reason for this decrease. The regulator raised the range of the key rate by 75 basis points at once, to 3–3.25%.

These two popular cryptocurrencies have traditionally dragged down the main market.

Almost all cryptocurrencies from the top ten were in the red zone by their capitalization. Only XRP (+33.9%) and Dogecoin (+0.5%) were the exception and even slightly increased in price.

When the popular cryptocurrencies will start their growth again, time will tell us.

And what are your predictions about these cryptocurrency flagships?



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