Crypto winter

Can winter be in the midst of summer? 🤔

This is possible if we are talking about CRYPTO winter! ❄️

A prolonged period of persistently low quotations of most crypto assets is called a crypto winter.

This «crypto winter» is not the first. The market has already experienced a similar period from January 2018 to December 2020.

A sharp sale of Bitcoin after its next historical high is considered a marker of the beginning of «crypto winter». The current situation is fully in line with this.

In November 2021, Bitcoin’s price reached $69,000 per unit, and by mid-June this year it had fallen by 70%.

Ethereum has similar dynamics. Its fall in value was 75%.

«Crypto winter» has other indicators : for example, the transaction number on the most popular US crypto exchange Coinbase dropped by 40% last year.

When will this crypto winter end and the cryptocurrency market begin to warm?

How long do you think this long bearish trend will last?


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