NFT-marketplace from Christie’s

Grand Time
Oct 2, 2022

Christie’s Auction House has opened its own NFT marketplace called Christie’s 3.0.

Auctions will be conducted using blockchain technology, including after-sales transactions.

The user will have to connect an existing cryptocurrency wallet to participate in auctions on the Christie’s 3.0 platform.
This platform accepts only Ethereum for payment. Taxes will also be charged in ETH.

Previously, this oldest auction house has repeatedly held sales of NFT-art items.
For the whole of 2021, almost $150 million worth of non-interchangeable tokens were sold at its auctions.

In March 2021, an electronic painting by the contemporary artist Beeple and an NFT token tied to it were sold at Christie’s auction for a record $69.35 million. The artist’s work became the first lot in the history of the Christie’s auction house, which was sold for cryptocurrency.



Grand Time

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