Russian mobile operator MTS plans to create a metaverse where customers can receive a wide range of services.

MTS plans to invest more than 7 billion rubles ($100 million) in the development of its own metaverse.

This is what “Kommersant” writes, citing representatives of the telecom operator.

With the metaverse…



Amazon is preparing to launch its own NFT platform this spring.

The project is still in development, but the company will unveil its plans in April, according to representatives.

The US online retailer is considering launching blockchain games where participants can receive digital tokens, and plans to conduct at least one NFT airdrop. An artist will be hired to create the NFTs.

The only thing known about the NFT platform is that it will be powered by Amazon itself, rather than its popular Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

Would you buy an NFT from Amazon?



Crypto exchanges Binance and Huobi have teamed up to return the money stolen by hackers Harmony One.

Crypto detective ZachXBT said in a tweet that hackers transferred several million dollars from accounts over the weekend.
Both Binance and Huobi security teams have organized a collaboration to freeze and recover 121 BTC from hackers.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said in his tweet that hackers tried to “launder” their funds through the Huobi exchange.
Binance representatives contacted the competitor immediately after Binance discovered this. They helped Huobi freeze digital assets used by hackers.

“We have discovered the movement of the hacker foundation Harmony One. Previously, they tried to “launder” money through Binance, and we froze their accounts. This time they used Huobi. We helped the Huobi team freeze accounts. A total of 124 BTC was returned,” Binance said.



At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov said that he hopes to be the first to receive a salary in cryptocurrency.

The country legalized cryptocurrency payments in the spring of 2022.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, noted that the new rules adopted by the country will make it the leading jurisdiction in the world for cryptocurrency assets.

“I plan to be the first to test the use of the electronic hryvnia and receive a salary in this digital currency. This is a breakthrough in the country’s financial sector,” Mikhail Fedorov said.

Will the minister’s desire to receive a salary in cryptocurrency have a positive impact on the opinion of the country’s residents about digital assets? What do you think about it?



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